Motherhood Reimagined®: Founder Sarah Kowalski as to how Choosing to Become an individual mommy does not mean the conclusion relationship

The small Version: Sarah Kowalski was at her early 40s whenever she discovered by herself without a partner and yearning to see the delight of increasing children. Determined to help make her dream possible, she embarked on a mission becoming a single mom through semen donation. After the delivery of the woman daughter, Sarah realized she could help ladies in comparable conditions navigate routes to getting parents, therefore she began Motherhood Reimagined. The woman objective was to guide aspiring single mothers in the tips essential to have children facing virility problems, or shortage of a partner, and supply psychological help along the way. As an online area, assistance group, and mentoring solution rolled into one, remembers all paths to motherhood while assisting women reach the recognition that being a parent doesn’t mean the conclusion their own online dating schedules.


Motherhood Reimagined Founder Sarah Kowalski had accomplished every thing from the book. She was a successful corporate litigator by age 30 and always realized she planned to have young ones of her very own, but life appeared to block off the road of that fantasy.

“somewhere within my rocket-speed job and jet-setting solitary life, I would entirely lost my personal resolve having young ones,” she penned inside her memoir.

Soon into the woman job, Sarah ended up being clinically determined to have a repeated tension injury (often referred to as work-related top limb disorder) and persistent weakness. She left her law job and sought-after choice therapies, including Feldenkrais and Qigong, that are both centered on conscious action. When she attained the woman late 30s, she ended up being being employed as a somatic life coach assisting individuals in exec leadership alter their profession pathways.

Across exact same time, Sarah’s Qigong teacher provided an important question.

“maybe you have seriously considered whether you prefer young ones?” he asked Sarah.

Through self-exploration and an understanding that her age was making the question of kids a priority, Sarah realized the clear answer had been yes. Usually the one problem, or more she thought, had been that she was single.

“whenever my personal teacher questioned me personally that question, it ceased me personally inside my monitors,” she mentioned. “My personal instructor helped myself recognize some things I gotn’t seriously considered. I possibly could have a baby with a partner and then he could leave 24 hours later or get struck by a bus; there isn’t any assurance around any kind of course. It absolutely was a significant paradigm move in my situation.”

Without appearing right back, Sarah chose motherhood now features a beautiful, loving three-and-a-half-year-old son. Along her individual trip to having a child on her own, she typed her memoir and started Motherhood Reimagined, an on-line neighborhood, support party, and mentoring service honoring all routes to motherhood.

One mommy by option, virility doula, existence mentor, and writer, Sarah is actually a determination — especially when it comes to internet dating — for a huge number of ladies all around the globe navigating their individual paths to motherhood.

“As an individual mom, We have considerable time limitations and that I desire to protect my child.  And whenever In my opinion about matchmaking, i’m like my personal filtration for choosing who’s advantageous to me is developed and laser razor-sharp,” she said. “i believe it generates matchmaking structured. I am not keen on the theif like We used to be. I am thus clear about discovering a great guy.”

Determine the right road to Motherhood Through Self-Exploration

Deciding whether or not to have a child is one of the most hard choices any individual will always make within lifetime. And intentionally choosing to come to be just one mother can present even more challenges and difficulties. Without a partner to jump tactics down, the trail to unmarried motherhood can seem like a lonely one.

On her behalf website, Sarah tells readers to appear inward and get on their own what is at stake in single motherhood. She knows a lot of women have actually dreamed from an early age of being a mommy, While she desires to guarantee readers take into account the financial, psychological, and logistical ramifications of becoming a single mother, she does not want those problems to fully overshadow their particular considerations.

“i do believe there are many confusion and chatter that develops when you are trying to make this choice,” she stated. “i believe —on some degree — expecting isn’t a rational choice. If you believe about any of it with your logical head, it is extremely very easy to say, ‘No, Really don’t want to do it.'”

She said she assists ladies detect the clearness through the chatter so that they can utilize their particular individual wisdom.

With many facets of motherhood to contemplate, Sarah operates both private with sets of prospective mothers to assist them on the pathways to self-discovery. It really is a quest she got by herself and includes checking out issues, limiting opinions, and presumptions, while thinking outside of the field for tactics to generate single motherhood sense obtainable.

“When I discovered that I wanted getting a baby it doesn’t matter what, I knew I’d a variety to manufacture — either frantically time and then try to get a hold of people to have a child with or get it done alone,” she said. “I tried a last-ditch energy at internet dating but knew there had been too-much desperation in my own look. Therefore I decided to place finding somebody throughout the back-burner and follow motherhood by myself.”

Methods on Topics From group Building to Single Parent Dating

Once a woman has chosen solitary motherhood, you will find a huge selection of decisions she will intend to make and topics she will need certainly to study. Motherhood Reimagined has done a great deal of the job for aspiring mothers by producing a vast cache of online language resources with a preview of Sarah’s publication, “Motherhood Reimagined: When getting A Mother does not Go As organized.”

“we started writing a book partly because I became handling a lot of all about my own personal,” she stated, “and because we decided I experienced a note I wanted to inform other folks through my own personal tale.”

Motherhood Reimagined additionally gives a valuable rundown of online language resources, such as sites and social platforms including (Empowering Solo Mothers Every Where),, and, where Sarah produces blog posts. On these platforms, she actually is covered subjects instance “8 Reasons Being a Single mother Actually Makes You Better at Dating” and “5 Questions if your wanting to give up Marriage and just have a Baby Alone.”

Sarah additionally details other resources, like the kid’s guide “that is Picking myself Up?” that helps kids recognize that families arrive many shapes, sizes, and colours.

“I’ve found my contacting,” she said. “It feels great to aid females feel motivated and find out that there’s no body solution to become a mother. We are able to shift the notion of what family members is actually and determine what is best for all of us while assisting ladies using dream of motherhood. It’s really powerful.”

Offering One-on-One Coaching & assistance Every Step of Way

There are numerous different ways a woman may pregnant when she chooses solitary motherhood, such as sperm contribution, egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting, and donor-conceived kiddies. Sarah’s signature programs are a three-month web training course and mentoring program for women who happen to be trying to choose if to set about single motherhood, and a support team for females that happen to be considering option paths to motherhood such as for example egg donation or use.

“I got lots of virility issues,” she mentioned. “Many women put down on a way to come to be mothers following recognize it might not get shape the direction they expected. I like assisting females come to terms with their own course. It’s a big passion of mine.”

Sara’s training products had been made to assist women through every phase of motherhood. Various other solutions Sarah supplies via Motherhood Reimagined consist of a Solo Mom Pregnancy Support Group and Childbirth degree Classes for unmarried mothers and family members building and fertility doula coaching and advice in several subjects covering from emotional factors to sperm contribution plus vitro fertilization.

“whenever I determined that i needed to possess a child by myself, it simply kind of clicked into destination that this had been the work i desired accomplish,” she stated. “i did so plenty introspection while making my personal choice that I felt labeled as to aid various other women with this road and applied everything I had been doing in authority mentoring and job mentoring.”

Sarah Inspires Females to Do It All

Sarah discovered much from the woman journey to getting a single mother, along with her you-can-have-it-all approach features helped several thousand ladies realize their unique motherhood aspirations. For Sarah, Motherhood Reimagined is focused on giving support and contacting services that enjoy all routes to motherhood.

“the ladies i understand who happen to be unmarried moms are incredible powerhouses; they take action, and they hold it together. They do everything, and they do it gracefully,” she said. “I just like seeing that.”

With a fruitful business with a vibrant future, Sarah has actually begun to open the entranceway to a different phase of her life — internet dating as one mom.

“i am really happy with having a child on my own, and I’m beginning to think about matchmaking since he’s a little bit more mature,” she said. “i’ven’t had many extra time and money to be online dating, but I’m getting into that world once more. As I 1st considered getting an individual mommy via sperm donor, we thought I had to determine between having a baby and locating a partner, immediately after which â€” out of the blue â€” I knew it wasn’t an either-or. I happened to be just prioritizing a child before the spouse since I have ended up being not having enough time.”